Sunday, April 26, 2009


Now before i get started i would like to say that the only reason i haven't had a post in about a week is because i have been really busy, with stuff like school and i haven't even been able to see much of my friends, so i have been busy.
Well the first thing i would like to say is CONGRATS to my oldest sister, Morgyn, for actually getting a real boyfriend. I hope it lasts forever and i hope he makes you the hapiest girl on earth, its the least you deserve. On an update at school, i am very excited for the end of the school year *cough* *cough* 19 days *cough* *cough*. And wish me luck with my HUGE Spanish project that counts for WAY to much of my grade in which i have to COOK some sort of food for all of my class, which is right around 25 students, hopefully i can do good. Times like this i wish i had Brittne back here in Kansas.
Well thats all for now, i will be sure to update more often this coming week. Y'all have a good Sunday and Morgyn, don't fail any of your clases. Seeya!

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