Thursday, May 28, 2009

Copy Cat (Family Affair)

Not to Blow of your Blog Morgyn, but I decided to be a copy-cat today. I would like to point out that Blogging has become a Family Affair. And to prove it, these are all the people that have joined the Blooging Community:
First it was my really, really Brave for joining the Air Force Sister: Brittne Snyder. She is the person that runs Our Lifes Journy.
Then it was my Really, Really Smart (and Hippie, I might add) Sister, Morgyn Carey. She is the mastermind behind Morgyn's Musings.
Then it was the Brother I never met, Robbie Mulinax. He is the first Guy in my family to ever join the Blogging Community.
It was then my Aunt Alli, otherwise known as MomBE, over at MomBE's Place.
I then Joined this past April.
And now The third guy to add a blogspot to his arsonal: Jon Snyder. He is my Brother-In-Law ever since this Past July.
Well, there is nothing to update as of now, O, other than, I got my new Phone!!! O Yea, I got the Blue one, and it is as good as I could ever imagine!!!
Well, thats it for now, I will see Y'all later!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finally Out!

Well, I decided that I would update you on what's been going on in my life.

First I would like to point out that I am officially a Sophmore! For those of you that don't know, that means that I am in the tenth grade! Woo Hoo!

Now I don't have much planned over the summer except for hang out with my friends, go to the pool, and maybe get a job, but I wouldn't get a job til toward the end of the summer, so thats the last thing on my mind.

The first thing on my mind, however, is getting a new phone. It just so happens that Tyler lost her phone. Well, her phone actually got stolen while she was at a performance for choir, but you get the idea. Long story short, she gets a new phone, and so do I!!!

Now my Dad called me yesterday and told me to pull up and look at new phones. He told me that Tyler and I should pick out our top three phones that we would want, at a reasonable price of course, and that he would call us back in about an hour. So we went through all the phones they had up on there web site. And this is the #1 phone I chose out of all of them:
It's called the Samsung Highnote.
It is one of the newest phones Sprint has. And I might be getting it on Thursday!
If you want to know more about it, here is a link to a video:
Well thats all for now, I will update you on whether or not I get the phone. Well, Seeya!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Almost Done!

Well, with sort of only 2 days left of school I thought that I would update on how school went. Well I know your wondering, what are his grades. And they are perfectly fine, I wont tell you my actual grades but I will tell you that I will be finishing the year with above a 3.5 GPA. And if thats not good enough for you or you have no idea what that means, well thats your own fault and not my problem!
Now I bet you were wondering what sort of only 2 days left means. Well I will tell you that. It means that today, I don't have to go into school until 10 o'clock and I get out at 2:15. Now its sort of the same tommorow, I don't have to go into school until 12:30! and i get to still leave at 2:15, now that day won't be finished yet, because I might be going to the royals gaem with my mom! I will let you know if that actually happens, we will actually be getting the tickets tommorow morning, if we do actually go to the game. Well thats all for now, i will update maybe over the weekend, seeya later!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3+1+ another 1 AND ANOTHER ONE

First, before I get into the title, i would like to update on my FINALS status. Well today in my 2nd hour i had a really big test that would probably determine whether or not I would take the final in that class. And just so you know this class is Physical Science, NOT one of the hardest classes i have, but THE HARDEST class I have. Well it just so happens that if i failed this test i would have to take this final. But guess what? I passed!!!!!!!!! I barely passed, but I PASSED!!!! Now there is absolutely nothing in the way of me taking that final, so that means basically i don't have to take any finals!
Now to the title of this post. Well today I was outside playing basketball. And you wouldn't believe it unless you saw it. I found 3 little kittens on the side of my house that have been living under my porch for God knows how long. So we took the right precautions and ended up taking them to the animal shelter. Now you would think that that would be the end of that right? WRONG
We get back home and it takes nothing but 5 minutes to find THE MOM OF THE LITTLE KITTENS. And of course the shelter clossed just as we left, so we couldn't take the mom there. So we ending up having to call ANIMAL CONTROL. I know, its so sad. But, thankfully yet not so thankfully, once animal control gets here the cat runs for the hills. The cat was never to be seen again, so far. Then we come to find the boy, or the mate as everyone else likes to call it. And it ends up running away to. Then, in place of the big boy cat comes on a little kitty again. Well once everyone sees it, we look under it again, AND ITS GONE. The little cat was no where to be found. We looked everywhere and didn't see anything. So now there are three cats, one small and two big, running around Eudora and haven't been seen for about 3-4 hours. IT'S SO SAD.
Now the last thing before I finish. Today, which is of course Cinco de Mayo which means its the 5th of May, in Spanish class I had a big project due that included me baking, and Yea, I know what your thinking *O no, I can't believe that boy even picked up a pan*.
Well, I had to make Mexican Wedding cookies, which by the way Brittne, that is the recipe i E-mailed you, and they actually turned out really good. People really liked them and there where so many that there were actually left-overs.
Well that is the update for now, will keep you informed if anything happens.
Have fun and don't forget to tell people about my Blog, cause i am lonely