Thursday, May 28, 2009

Copy Cat (Family Affair)

Not to Blow of your Blog Morgyn, but I decided to be a copy-cat today. I would like to point out that Blogging has become a Family Affair. And to prove it, these are all the people that have joined the Blooging Community:
First it was my really, really Brave for joining the Air Force Sister: Brittne Snyder. She is the person that runs Our Lifes Journy.
Then it was my Really, Really Smart (and Hippie, I might add) Sister, Morgyn Carey. She is the mastermind behind Morgyn's Musings.
Then it was the Brother I never met, Robbie Mulinax. He is the first Guy in my family to ever join the Blogging Community.
It was then my Aunt Alli, otherwise known as MomBE, over at MomBE's Place.
I then Joined this past April.
And now The third guy to add a blogspot to his arsonal: Jon Snyder. He is my Brother-In-Law ever since this Past July.
Well, there is nothing to update as of now, O, other than, I got my new Phone!!! O Yea, I got the Blue one, and it is as good as I could ever imagine!!!
Well, thats it for now, I will see Y'all later!


  1. oh thanks for the sweet words about me Austin. :)

  2. Haha, that pretty much sums it up, don't it?

  3. THANKS, its awesome, and its even better in person!