Friday, June 5, 2009


Over the Past 3 weeks I have been waiting and waiting.
Waiting on what you ask?
Thats right, the only reason I have been going to check mail almost every day of every hour on the hour is to see if there was anything from Eudora Schools.
Now today of all days, the mail decided to come by while I was mowing the lawn. Now I didn't know that they had come, so low and behold, there was no mail when I went and checked. Turns out my mom had got it today. Well, she finally told me that she got the mail, just as she was leaving for Dairy Queen with my sister to go get her a Brownie Batter Blizzard. So I asked her, "Mom, is there anything in the mail for me?"
And she replies, "We will talk about it later."
So me, being so anxious to find out, I asked her, "Is there anything from Eudora Schools?"
And she finally sais, "Yes,"
And me being really excited goes inside and searches her room from top to bottom, finally finding my Schedule.
And My schedule is as follows:
First Semester:
First Hour: Geometry with Mrs. Robyn Kelso
Second Hour: Biology 1 with Mr. Geoff Day, and in case you are wondering, you say Geoff like Jeff.
Third Hour: Communication Strategies with Mrs. Linda Riedel (Read-ul)
Fourth Hour: English 2 with Mrs. Riedel
Fifth Hour: Digital Imaging with Mrs. Amy Gingrich
Sixth Hour: Geometry with Mrs. Bonnie Daigh (Day)
Seventh Hour: Life Fitness with Mrs. Cara Kimberlin
Now in my Second Semester the only thing that changes is my Seventh and Fourth Hour switch. Now my English 2 class will also change Teachers. I will have Mrs. Shannon Pickett as my English Teacher.


  1. Hey Bro, what gives about the whole no choir class? Have I taught you nothing?!!?!?!?!?!

  2. Well I signed up for Mens Choir, but they didn't put me in the class, Digital Imaging was actually my backup class