Thursday, June 25, 2009

Copycat Post-The New Hair Debate

It was 2 weeks ago today that my Aunt Ali Posted a blog about getting his hair cut. I am not going to get into her story, but I am gonna give you a link so you can see it yourself.
You can head over to her blog and read her story, but meanwhile I am gonna tell you about mine.
A couple of weeks ago, I think it was like 3, My mom had me and my sister stay the night at my Dads place. Now the big reason I was over there was so I could get my Hair cut.
And of course, I came home......And my hair was no shorter.
We never got around to doing it, so we were going to go get my haircut at a Hair cut place in Lawrence.
**Sidenote Now the last time I went to det my haircut at a place in Lawrence, Its was the VERY FIRST TIME I was gonna get my haircut by someone other than my dad. I was really afraid. And the only reason I had to do it was because my dad was in Iraq.
So I went to get my haircut. And long story short, the decided to CLEAN my hair after my Hair cut, I was like, Ok, what harm could it do.
Well I will tell you what harm it did. This girl had never ever used the cleaning machine. And she soaked my back with water and the whole ride home I had to lean foward so I wouldn't get my moms car wet.
Now you can imagine at how mad I was that I had to do this. But wait............ I came home, and my hair was no shorter.
I was sooo happy. You see when we got there, They had closed early. And that was the only place I would dare go to, just cause I know the person that WAS gonna give me my haircut. So we went home, my hair still long.
Now I sit here, on June 25th, 2009 and my last haircut was in November, of 2008. And the bad part? My dad is leaving on July 6 to go to Annuel Training for the Military. And he will be there for 2 weeks. O and did I mention that its in Wyoming.
Yea, so I am stuck here, with long hair, and no one to cut it, unless we can find sometime to go into Kansas City so my dad can cut it, while his schedule is filled with getting ready for A.T.
So wish me luck, I need a Miracle.
Well that will just about do it for me.
I guess I will see Y'all later.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Official Fathers Day Blog

Well, I said it yesterday, so this is my official Fathers Day post. Now I don't have any Picures, and I am sorry for that, but I will get some of all the dads in my life.
First and foremost I would like to say Happy Fathers Day to none other than my own dad.
Jeff Merkel is my real dad. He is 40 Years old and works in Leavenworth as a cop. He will be leaving in 2 weeks to go to Annual Training for the Military. He will be in the boring state that no one cares about, Wyoming. I can't believe that he will be away for a whole 2 weeks, it really sucks for me.
My second dad, although not my real dad, is of course my Grandfather, Robert "Bob" Merkel.
I don't know how old he is, and I am sure he wants it to stay that way. But my Grandpa is a retired Marine Cor Veteran. And he is curently working for basically all the car dealerships in Lawrence and even a couple up in the Kansas City Area. What does he do exactly?
He delivers cars, litteraly anywhere to and from in the United states. Its definately an exciting job, I said I would be happy to replace him whenever.
My third dad, even though I don't know him that well, he is still family, is my sisters, Morgyn and Brittnes Dad, David Carey.
Alls I can say about David is that the one, single time we meant, it was at like 7 in the morning, he was picking up Morgyn and Brittne to go up to Indiana.
Well, that will just about do it, Thanks for reading.
I will see Y'all later.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

Just so you know, before you read this, this isn't gonna be all about fathers day. Even though Fathers Day is today, I will put up my official Fathers Day post Tomorow.
Now, I bet your wondering what I have been doing all this week, so I will tell you.
On Friday I went over and stayed the night with my Grandparents in Lawrence. But before I did that, we went to Target and got my dad a Fathers Day Card, and some baking stuff so I could make him a cake.
Then, I made the cake at my Grandparents house on Saturday and went to my Baby cousins Birthday Party, and that was really fun, I got to catch up with alot of people that I don't get to see too often.
Well, I know that its a Short Post, But thats all I have. So I guess I will see Y'all later!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday (On Thursday)

Sorry about this being a day late, But I completely spaced out yesterday and forgot to publish this, So here it is!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Countdown Starts...

21 Days...
On July 6 my sister will be back in Kansas! I can't wait. O, and did I mention that I might just meet her boy friend, Michael. The reason I said I might just meet him is explained over at her blog. I can't wait to actually see my sister again, and this time, I won't have to worry about school.
O and speaking of school, in case you missed it, you can click here to see my schedule.
But the key thing is, I get to finally see her! I can't wait.
And that isn't the other thing I have planned. Nope, I will also be going to a Birthday Party. Yea, this saturday I will be going to Topeka to celebrate Little Miranda's 4th birthday. And also in case you don't know who she is, just scroll down and you can see her picture, shes the little one with the cowgirl hat on.
Ok, well that will just about do it, I don't have anything else to update on, so I guess I will see Y'all later!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Saturday

My Saturday consisted of:

This Women coming and picking me up:

So I could stay the night with them on Saturday night.

It also consisted of, mostly this part, This Girl:

And what did we do this wonderful day you ask?
We went to a Pig Roast.

And we ate this Pig.

And It was Yummy!

And all this time, while staring at the pig, I bet you were wondering where I was actually staying, Right?

No, I guess not. But just to let you know, This is where I stayed.

And that day was great! Now I don't have any pictures of Sunday, But I will tell you that I had a wonderful Sunday to.

O, and just to give you a quick Scare...

Haha, don't worry, It Is Completely Fake.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Over the Past 3 weeks I have been waiting and waiting.
Waiting on what you ask?
Thats right, the only reason I have been going to check mail almost every day of every hour on the hour is to see if there was anything from Eudora Schools.
Now today of all days, the mail decided to come by while I was mowing the lawn. Now I didn't know that they had come, so low and behold, there was no mail when I went and checked. Turns out my mom had got it today. Well, she finally told me that she got the mail, just as she was leaving for Dairy Queen with my sister to go get her a Brownie Batter Blizzard. So I asked her, "Mom, is there anything in the mail for me?"
And she replies, "We will talk about it later."
So me, being so anxious to find out, I asked her, "Is there anything from Eudora Schools?"
And she finally sais, "Yes,"
And me being really excited goes inside and searches her room from top to bottom, finally finding my Schedule.
And My schedule is as follows:
First Semester:
First Hour: Geometry with Mrs. Robyn Kelso
Second Hour: Biology 1 with Mr. Geoff Day, and in case you are wondering, you say Geoff like Jeff.
Third Hour: Communication Strategies with Mrs. Linda Riedel (Read-ul)
Fourth Hour: English 2 with Mrs. Riedel
Fifth Hour: Digital Imaging with Mrs. Amy Gingrich
Sixth Hour: Geometry with Mrs. Bonnie Daigh (Day)
Seventh Hour: Life Fitness with Mrs. Cara Kimberlin
Now in my Second Semester the only thing that changes is my Seventh and Fourth Hour switch. Now my English 2 class will also change Teachers. I will have Mrs. Shannon Pickett as my English Teacher.