Thursday, May 14, 2009

Almost Done!

Well, with sort of only 2 days left of school I thought that I would update on how school went. Well I know your wondering, what are his grades. And they are perfectly fine, I wont tell you my actual grades but I will tell you that I will be finishing the year with above a 3.5 GPA. And if thats not good enough for you or you have no idea what that means, well thats your own fault and not my problem!
Now I bet you were wondering what sort of only 2 days left means. Well I will tell you that. It means that today, I don't have to go into school until 10 o'clock and I get out at 2:15. Now its sort of the same tommorow, I don't have to go into school until 12:30! and i get to still leave at 2:15, now that day won't be finished yet, because I might be going to the royals gaem with my mom! I will let you know if that actually happens, we will actually be getting the tickets tommorow morning, if we do actually go to the game. Well thats all for now, i will update maybe over the weekend, seeya later!

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